Friday, July 8, 2016


Welcome to St. Mark's!   We are a small congregation of the Epsicopal Church in Vermont, with members who have worshipped here for generations and those who just arrived on our doorstep.  We are a mix of old and young, traditional and contemporary, pious and rowdy, married and single, straight and gay --  a real cross section of Vermont.  Whoever you are, you are most welcome!

We celebrate Holy Eucharist every Sunday at 7:30 AM, using Rite I, with its more traditional language, and at 9:30, using Rite II, which uses more contemporary language.  Three Sundays a month the 9:30 service includes music, usually hymns accompanied by the organ.  On the first Sunday of the month during the summer months the 9:30 service is in a more informal setting with group discusison in place of a sermon.

We are currently blessed to have two priests working part-time:  The Rev. Betty Berlenbach, and The Rev. Victor Horvath.

Join us when you can!